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Do Real Estate Returns Compare With Other Assets?

How does real estate investing compare to riskier investments in stocks, bonds and crypto: Do it right and you can earn enormous returns Every time the stock market crashes, it reminds investors just how volatile equities are. Jittery investors end up pulling money out of the stock market — selling low and losing money. Real … Read more

Mortgage Buydowns Are Making A Comeback

Soaring rates have revived interest in a product that fell out of favor after the financial crisis Carley Chase found her dream home in Chandler, Ariz., this summer: a three-bedroom ranch, close to work, with a pool and a backyard lined with palm trees. Soaring interest rates threatened to put it out of reach. Her … Read more

Fannie and Freddie Green-Lighted To Buy $1M Mortgages

The big run-up in home prices may have cooled, but the 2023 conforming loan limit will be increased by 12% to $727,200 in most parts of the country New markets require new approaches and tactics. Experts and industry leaders take the stage at Inman Connect New York in January to help navigate the market shift … Read more

Fannie Mae Economists See Home Sales Bottoming Next Year

Sales expected to drop to lowest level since 2008, and the growing lock-in effect — the financial disincentive to sell — ‘will remain in a way that has not occurred in over 40 years,’ economists say New markets require new approaches and tactics. Experts and industry leaders take the stage at Inman Connect New York … Read more

Pros And Cons Of A Real Estate Investing Partner

Just as you would research potential properties before purchase, take ample time to weigh the pros and cons of taking on a real estate investing partner. Second homes and investment properties fascinate investors. I’ll go deeper on everything from the latest at Airbnb and Vrbo to the changes investors are making to their portfolios in … Read more

When A Seller Provides A Temporary Buy Down

A temporary buy-down provided by the seller allows the borrower to have more money available during the early years to handle furnishing and renovation costs. Higher mortgage rates — up nearly double over a year ago — cut into affordability and increase monthly payments for buyers. Rising rates are particularly challenging for buyers who may … Read more

Have You Got A Housing Market Hangover?

In the year ahead, the housing market may be slow to start, with home prices, rents, inventory and interest rates not moving much at all, according to economists, analysts and real estate brokers. At the beginning of the pandemic, office workers were liberated from their commutes but found themselves stuck at home and hungering for … Read more

Mortgage Applications Hit 25-Year Low

After hitting 2022 highs last week, a weak hiring report released Tuesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics has been helping to bring mortgage rates back down Requests for home loans fell to the lowest level of the century last week as mortgage rates climbed to their highest level since 2006 and Hurricane Ian crushed … Read more

Home Prices Are Falling, But Not Crashing!

The impending quick reversal is mostly due to the recent surge in mortgage rates Housing prices are poised to correct. But even as they drift downward, they are highly unlikely to plummet. House prices have been on a tear the past decade. Since hitting bottom in the wake of the financial crisis and the housing … Read more