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Home Sales And Prices Are Expected To Decline Over Next 2 Years

Inflation is heating up and could accelerate further, but the impact on mortgage rates is likely to be modest thanks to the Federal Reserve laying out a clear roadmap of its plans to withdraw its support for mortgage markets in the months ahead. That’s according to the latest economic and housing forecast from economists at … Read more

How To File An Appeal On Your Property Taxes

When homeowners get their property value assessment from the local government this year, they might find themselves with sticker shock. Thanks to sale prices that have risen as much as 20 percent year-over-year, those estimates are likely to be much higher than they were the year before, leading to a spike in property taxes. With … Read more

A Popular Tax Trick For Savers, The Mega ‘Back Door’ Roth IRA

Americans would no longer be able to use some popular strategies to move money into tax-free Roth individual retirement accounts under a roughly $2 trillion education, healthcare and climate package House Democrats approved on Friday. The bill, passed along partisan lines and expected to be amended by the Senate, includes a series of provisions Democrats … Read more

Home Services Can Be A Waste Of Money

Let’s face it: We often waste money on stuff we don’t really need. But there’s a big difference between splurging and wasting money on purchases and services that, while marketed as useful, are bad buys. At Washington Consumers’ Checkbook, they’re often warning about products, services and extras that aren’t worth shelling out money for, such … Read more

Home Renovations Require An Insurance Update

Whether you’re making a repair that could be covered by your insurance policy or will need to update your policy to reflect the changes you make to your home, it’s smart to keep your insurance company in the loop. When you’re in the thick of making plans and interviewing contractors for a home renovation, you … Read more